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Lea - Egg shoot. January, Saturday 18.
Contact: Roger Estes -- 703-409-0497
Added By: Gary Jeter
Date/Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Lea Valley
7039 Signal Hill Rd.
VA 20111
(703) 368-6333

Lea Valley - Egg Shoot
Match Director's name: Roger Estes
Match Director's Contact Phone: 703-409-0497
Match Director's Contact email address: rce497@comcast.net
Match is Open to the general public
Date: 1/18/2020
Match Start Time: 0900
Match End Time: 1600 hrs - 4p.m.
Range: Lea/Valley range
Ammunition Restrictions: no tracer rounds
Match Fee: $1 per shot
Course of fire:
Any safe rifle, pistol, black powder rifle, or black powder pistol, any caliber, any action. Match will take place during the War Rifle match on the same date/time. Shooter will notify a range officer or match director of the intent to shoot an egg. Range officer will take the shooter to the point to be fired from. Egg will hang from a crosspiece at 200 yards. Shooter will make him/herself ready. A ready command will be stated, and then 'fire' command after 15 seconds. Shooter will have one minute to fire one shot at the egg. If the egg remains whole, the shooter donates a dollar for the miss. If the shooter hits the egg, he or she gets whatever is in the pot. (a dutch oven).
Governing Rule Set: Fun match
Inclement Weather Policy:
If the weather is too bad, such as snow covered roads, don't be there. Otherwise, someone will be at the range and the match will b


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