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Lea - War Rifle match. January, Saturday 18.
Contact: Roger Estes -- 703-409-0497
Added By: Gary Jeter
Date/Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Lea Valley
7039 Signal Hill Rd.
VA 20111
(703) 368-6333

Lea - war rifle match
Match Director's name: Roger Estes
Match Director's Contact Phone: 703-409-0497
Match Director's Contact email address: rce497@comcast.net
Match is Open to the general public
Date: 1/18/2020 - Saturday
Match Start Time: practice - 0900, match - 1000
Match End Time: 1600 hrs - 4p.m.
Range: Lea/Valley Range
Ammunition Restrictions:
no penetrator ammo, armor piercing, tracer ammo, or belted magnum ammo (club rules)
Match Fee:
$5 per gun. Can shoot more than one gun.
Course of fire:
40 rounds, standing position, for record. Practice amount up to shooter.10 shots per animal per relay. Time frame will be 5 minutes for 10 shots with a 'ready' command of 15 seconds, prior to 'fire' command. Firearms allowed will be (1) any semi-auto rifle which would have been issued for any war, anywhere in the world from WWI to present. Full auto rifles not allowed unless they can be fired in semi-auto. )2) for a separate category, also any bolt action rifle that would have been issued for any war, from WWI to present. Sights are shooter's preference and do not have to have been issued with the rifle. This is for our older set who can't see without a magnifying glass in front of their eye! Targets will be high power silhouette targets. Chickens, Pigs, turkeys, rams, all shot at 200 yards. Clothing can not be target related other than skeet vests or silhouette leather vests. No other heavy leather NRA shooting coats, or ISU coats and pants, no shooting gloves, etc. Boots are allowed. Dress for the weather. The weather will probably be cold. Slings allowed on the rifle, but are not to be used to enhance the position. This is a standing position match. Eye protection and ear protection on. This is a high power rifle match. Awards - The following Shooter's choice: Winner of match $25, or a trophy, or an engraved coin about the size of a challenge coin. 2nd Place - $20, or an engraved coin about the size of a challenge coin, or a trophy. Winner of a catagory. $20, or a trophy. Awards given for Match Winner, 2nd Pl Match Winner, 1st Pl. Bolt Action, 1st Pl. AR, High Optic winner, High Open sight winner, High Red dot winner. High Senior (Age 65 minimum, High Lady, High Junior. Shooters are allowed to shoot more than one rifle. However, each rifle must fit into a different catagory.
Governing Rule Set:
NRA high power silhouette rifle rules, generally. Fairfax Rod & Gun Club Rules. Fun Match
Sanctioning Info:
Fun match
Inclement Weather Policy:
Generally, the match will be held. If there is too much weather on the road, just don't be th


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