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Legal Us of Firearms for Self Defense

April 7th, 2017 - 






For those of you who have not taken advantage of this offering yet, we are pleased and excited that attorney Steve Sulzer will be presenting his law of self-defense course at FRGC again on Saturday, April 29, 2017, from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM in the Club House.  

The course teaches Virginia's legal limits on the use of deadly force in self-defense situations, with a particular focus on the use of firearms.  It will give you a working knowledge of the legal boundaries between a justifiable self-defense shooting and a shooting that will expose you to criminal prosecution and civil damages liability.  If you live or work in Virginia and rely on firearms for self-defense, this course will give you a practical set of guidelines and steps you can take to maximize your chances of winning (and financially surviving) the legal battle that inevitably follows your use of a firearm for self-defense. 

Mr. Sulzer's most recent January 21, 2017 class not only sold out, but was over-subscribed, and here are representative comments from club members who attended:

"This is a fabulous course!"  "Well-informed instructor. Clear takeaways, useful vignettes to illustrate points.  Great course, very informative."  "Realistic explanation of reality and process."  "Smooth, well laid out, well spoken."  "Extremely well organized.  Excellent content."  "Very complete - lots of good examples.  Thank you for a great job."  

The course is presented in a five-hour session with breaks as needed.  In Part I of the course, Mr. Sulzer explains in everyday terms Virginia's boundaries between lawful and unlawful defensive shootings.  The presentation is highlighted and illustrated with practical examples involving real-life situations, including street confrontations, home invasions, and defending others.  Mr. Sulzer will cover Virginia's Castle Doctrine, its stand your ground principle, its legal rules relating to threat duration and proportionality of response, and Virginia's troublesome law regarding brandishing.  Mr. Sulzer also addresses whether you can still rely on prevention of an atrocious felony in Virginia to justify the use of deadly force.

In Part II, the course explains each step in the post-incident legal process, and gives you a real understanding of how the system works.  Mr. Sulzer teaches you how to deal with 911 calls and pre-arrest interaction with the police, when and how to assert your Fifth Amendment rights, and what follows after an arrest.  He provides you with practical steps you should take and tools you will need to (i) protect your legal rights and (ii) help you (and your counsel) extricate you from the legal system with the least amount of difficulty.  Part II also discloses the real magnitude of your exposure in defending against criminal prosecution and civil suits and describes vital and surprisingly affordable ways to financially survive the legal process.  

This course has become the gold standard for those who carry concealed or rely on firearms for home security and self-defense.  It is taught by Stephen L. Sulzer, founder of Sulzer Green Taylor PLLC in Washington, D.C., and a longtime FRGC member.  Mr. Sulzer is a highly-respected attorney with 36 years of legal experience and special expertise in the law of self-defense in Virginia.  He is also an NRA-certified pistol instructor, has held a Virginia concealed carry permit since the late 1990s, and has ten years of competitive shooting experience.  

The course is only open to FRGC members and their families.  The cost for the course is $100 per person - a $50 discount off the price usually charged to the general public.  FRGC family members under the age of 18 will be admitted free of charge.  Attendance is capped at 20 and reservations for the class are accepted on a first-come, first served basis.  You are well-advised to act promptly while there are open spaces available.  Pre-payment of the course fee is required to reserve a seat.  Payment can be made by check payable to Stephen L. Sulzer and sent to 10903 Beach Mill Road, Great Falls, VA  22066.  Absent proof of illness or an act of God, the course fee will not be refunded for last-minute no-shows.   

You can sign up for the course by communicating with Mr. Sulzer via email at ssulzer@sulzergreen.com, or by going to the club's web page at the following link:




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High Power Silhouette

February 25th, 2017 - High power rifle silhouette matches begin on the first Sunday in March. 3/5/17 is the date.  We will continue these matches on the first Sunday of each month.  The match will go on, rain or shine or snow or cold.  

 This year, to include more types of rifles to shoot in the high power silhouette monthly matches; we're going to try allowing semi-auto military rifles in these matches.The NRA Rifle Silhouette rule book shows that the times as well as the target sizes are the same as the regular high power rifle silhouette rules. The military rifle rule is rule 3.1.2 in the NRA Rifle Silhouette rule book.

There will is no requirement to purchase a score record book to use a military rifle. However, if the shooter wants to purchase a book for his other high power or smallbore competitions, and he or she uses a military rifle, then those scores will be entered into the score record book. That way, if the shooter attends other matches, a classification will already be established so the shooter will be able to shoot in a class, rather than unclassified and in Master class.

Military Rifle will be a category, for awards purposes. Just like AR rifle, which will continue to be shot in our matches. Awards will be the same as the rest. If enough shooters participate in any category, a winner of the category will be awarded. I think 3 shooters per category should be enough for an award.

Fees: With Military Rifle, we could have a total of four categories: High Power Standard Rifle, High Power Hunting Rifle, AR-15 rifle, and Semi-Auto Military Rifle. Fees will be as follows: 1 rifle - $15. 2 rifles - $25. 3 rifles - $35. 4 rifles - $40.

In a row pins - In high power rifle, we do not have correct yardage for any pins of 5 or 10 in row pins other than chickens. However, this year, we will include AR's for in-a row chickens as well as Military rifles and of course the other high power rifles already allowed.  The AR's and military rifles will both get the same color as high power rifle.  Or, if high power color runs out, then smallbore color will be used, depending on availability.  

Any questions, suggestions or comments please email match director Roger Estes @ rce497@comcast.net



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Congrats, Wayne!

February 10th, 2017 - Congratulations to member & IBS Match Director Wayne France on his achievement as the 2016 International Benchrest Shooter of the year! Read more about it here. Way to go Wayne!


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2017 Rifle & Pistol Calendar

December 26th, 2016 - Rifle & Pistol Chairman, Mr. Gary Jeter has been hard at work entering all of the various rifle & pistol events for the upcoming 2017 year. If you are a Club member, you may view the calendar from time to time to see free/open ranges for use before making a trip out to the Club, or to scan for the events you wish to enter.

If you are a Match Director, you should check the calendar to ensure that your events have been correctly scheduled with regards to dates, times, & locations. 

The form linked below, will allow a member to use the website to send the R&P Chairman a request to schedule an event on a range at the Club. Once the form is completed, and the 'submit' button clicked, it sends a preformatted email to Gary. He will then schedule previously approved events, or request approval for new events from the Board of Directors.

Rifle & Pistol Event Schedule Request

Club Events Calendar


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New Silhouette Record established

May 10th, 2016 -  A note from Match Director Roger Estes, regarding the Smallbore Silhouette Match this weekend:

"Kelly Engel fired a long run on pigs of 37, not 22. I discussed this with Greg Connor. Mr. Connor is the head of the NRA Silhouette Department. He advised me on the rule. So, congratulations to Miss Engel for outshooting the last Fairfax Rod & Gun Club long run by 14 pigs! In case anyone would like to know: Mr. Connor advised me that for ladies, the national record for smallbore pigs is 55. Therefore a longrun of 56 will get a new national record. So, if a lady shoots 15 straight, then, think of it, only 41 more to go!! Our July match, a State Championship, is an NRA registered match. That national record could be broken in that match."

Congratulations to Kelly Engel for being our new long run champion in pigs for Fairfax Rod & Gun Club!


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Special Use Permits!

May 9th, 2013 - Special Use Permits are now online - as either a downloadable hard copy, which may be filled out and mailed to the club; or as an electronically submitted form here on the website. The hard copy form is located in the Document Library, in the folder titled "Member Forms". The eForm is located by navigating to the bottom of the Members tab, on the upper right hand side of the menu bar.

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Highpower Rifle Matches

 January 13th, 2011 - Highpower Rifle matches & clinics are held throughout the year at the club. Many of these are open to non members, or active competitors needing to qualify. Please check the calendar for upcoming matches, or contact our Rifle & Pistol Chairman for more information.

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