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Ram Bash

Match Director
Dwight Hlustick




Ram Bash Wrap-Up

The first Ram Bash of the year was held on Saturday, January 27. The weather was great for January. The temperature started out about 40 degrees and was about 60 by the end of the match. It was a little windy but sunny. Twenty seven shooters showed up for this beautiful day. The brownies survived until about half way through the match.

Brady Sabelli had an excellent day and took first place with a score of 35. David Vance won the second place shoot-off and Bob Bloyer took third place. David and Bob both had scores of 34. I won the shoot-off for 10th place. Ed Cunningham won the shoot-off for fifteenth place.

The next Ram Bash is Saturday, February 24, 2017. I will miss the next couple of Bashes since I will have heart surgery on February 16. John Marhefka will probably be match director for both of those matches. He should be contacted for any information after Feb. 15.

P.S., someone left a box of brass at the match. Let me know who left it. Also Ed left his towel.

Dwight Hlustick.

Match Director

Ram Bash Results (1/27/18)

Position Shooter Score
1 Brady Sabelli 35
2 David Vance 34
3 Bob Bloyer 34
4 George Harris 33
5 Augie Kowalik 27
6 Karl Hovatter 25
7 Brian Hearn 25
8 Steve Tavenner 25
9 Bill Jenks 24
10 Dwight Hlustick 23
11 Fred Lewis 23
12 Joe Satriano 23
13 Jan Herman 22
14 Frances Hearn 21
15 Ed Cunningham 21
16 Bill James 20
17 Al Riggs 20
18 Chris Christianson 18
19 Ken Moore 18
20 Tom Hahn 17
21 Dan VanRoekel 16
22 Ron Tewalt 16
23 Aubrey Adcock 16
24 Dwight Seldon 16
25 Doug Crowe 9
26 Jac Harker DNF
27 Vic Seested DNF



Open Black Powder Cartridge

Rifle Silhouette Matches



Manassas, VA 22110


Place: Fairfax Rod & Gun Club - Lea (Valley) Range

Dates: Matches will be on the fourth Saturday of the month January through November.  There will be a Turkey shoot at the November match.

Schedule:        Range Preparation:     8:30 AM - 9:00 AM

Practice:                      9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Match Starts:               9:45 AM

Match is Fired Rain or Shine!   Covered Firing Line


Course of Fire: 40 Shots Offhand at NRA Full Size 500m Ram - Distance: 200 Meters

Arms & AmmunitionAny Rifle (except Scheutzen or Bolt Action) designed and chambered for Blackpowder metallic cartridge or typical reproduction thereof.  Metallic sights, vernier or ladder or reproduction thereof that is typical of the time period.  Receiver sights are allowed on lever action rifles.  No fiber optic sights, slings, tube sights or thumb holes allowed.  Fixed cartridges of 32 caliber or larger with a cast or swaged LEAD bullet propelled by any safe smokeless powder, blackpowder, Pyrodex or duplex charge may be used.  No Jacketed Bullets allowed.

Entry Fee:       $15 per Competitor

Scoring: Each competitor will be required to help score, spot and paint targets for other shooters.  Instructions in performing these tasks will be given to all competitors.

Awards and Ties: The award pot will consist of the total of entry fees less 40% for expenses including $5/shooter to the club.  The award money will be divided among 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 10th, and 15th places.  ALL ties will be broken by shoot-off.  Bring extra ammo.  Shoot-offs must be fired with same rifle used in the match.  To qualify for the annual match trophies (1st and 2nd) you must shoot in at least six of the eleven scheduled matches.  If you shoot more than six, then the best six matches will be counted.

Facilities: Covered Firing Line with soda machine and toilet.  Snack bar and Pro Shop at Club House. 

Directions:     Club is 3 miles east of Manassas, on Signal Hill Rd. which is a mile down Liberia Rd. off Route 28.  You can also take Ellis Rd. from Prince William Parkway.


For further information call Dwight Hlustick @



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